Friday, 12 February 2010

Here we are again

Well, another interesting week. Went out on Sunday with Cynthia, from Newfoundland and Phon, the girl who is secretary in day care. Caught a bus ( pick up truck with seats) to the floating market. A complete tourist trap, but good fun nevertheless. The weather was perfect - hot and sunny with a hint of a breeze, so it didn't seem like we were in a sauna.

Managed to get the sorting of tee shirts finished on Monday and eventually got them sent to be laundered, so 350 children will get relatively new tee shirts this weekend.
Back to day care???                                 
Well actually - no. Was asked to go and work in the main office to help out with some PR work. Air conditioning all day - cool, not cold - BLISS! Am certainly seeing lots of aspects of the work here.
There is to be a celebratory opening of six more houses in the children's village on March 13th and I was tasked with phoning the embassies of those nationals who had donated the cost of a house to find out if the Ambassador was free to attend, then send follow up email and explanatory letter to the Embassy/Consulate. The phone calls were quite illuminating. China - rude and aggressive; Singapore helpful, but didn't really get it, but did respond to email almost immediately; Switzerland very friendly ( but they have done lots of work with the foundation) ; Norway and GB extremely helpful and friendly ( had a good old chat with Valerie at the British embassy ). Spending today editing publicity photos for the local newspaper.So that brings me up to date. It's been a long week - working from 8.30 til 5.30 ( not used to that at all ), but have managed to fit in some swimming, which has been good. An unheated but nevertheless warm, outdoor pool in February is great. Just to finish off will upload a couple of shots of the campus. Next week ??? No idea, but will be my last full week here ..... it's gone very quickly.


To those Education based in the UK - enjoy your half term. Hope it stops snowing!
Love to all
Lynne xx 


  1. Any outing with a Nova Scotian has to be fun! Decided what to do with your play week?

  2. Had to get some expert advice to gain access to your special website---call in Carol so here we go. Seems the wekend was fun How are the bites? We,ve a quiet half term--no Laura and co. It's good our need is not required--we could have sorted a few T-shirts--no way. Interested to know your immediate plans--holiday cut short, probably very wise they seem a good gang at the centre. Now to go and prepare our evening meal---egg, chips and beans!!! Time for a night out

  3. Hi Lynne, Glad to hear you are getting some retail therapy floating or otherwise. It sounds as if you have had a very varied experience - I am sure you will be back for more. Poor Sandra has had to endure my company for lunch yet again - she is just keeping your seat warm. Love Carol

  4. Haven't heard from you since 12th. Am not sure whether this means you are on the move. Envied your admin stint. Would love to have been on the phone to the "posh" ones. Come home soon and enjoy even more snowman making and snowballing. We have once more just managed to clear a path from the porch to the car. Half term nearly over, first break without Laura and co.--We feel this is how it should be although we have found it difficult with the kids. Enjoy the rest of your stay. I should imagine you will return with mixed feeling??! You can always look forward to a return visit and a warm welcome.