Sunday, 21 February 2010

Part Two completed

Well, Last quick Post before I leave for Bangkok to fly up to Chiang Mai.

Last Friday night some of the volunteers decided I couldn't leave Pattaya without visiting Walking Street - all very sleazy. Hopped into a Go-go bar, had one very quick drink and left - not a pleasant experience for all sorts of reasons. Nuff said.

Went down to the beach area in Pattaya on Sunday with Cynthia. It was Chinese New Year so big celebrations. Concert area at local mall which was showcase for young talent. Some very talented singers and musicians.



Hectic working week - mixture of MORE t shirts, sorting invitations in the office for opening of new houses in the village, visiting the village and doing odd bits in day care. Spent yesterday on beach that belongs to Cabbages & Condoms restaurant- now a pretty shade of bright pink ( me that is, not the restaurant! ), but fortunately not too sore. Back to the restaurant for lunch - 30th birthday of one of the volunteers, then car at 3.30pm to Bangkok airport to catch flight to Chiang Mai. Very much looking forward to seeing somewhere new and having a rest . Fly back to Bangkok on Thursday to attend a couple of PR functions - Swiss & American embassy possibly, but reports that there may be civil unrest there over the next week - big court case being concluded on Friday re former Prime Minister, lots of army being mobilised. All good fun eh? Perhaps I can sell some footage to the BBC. Also supposed to be taking part in Charity walk on Saturday, but that may well also be called off. May just have to sit in hotel bar.
So everyone - that's all for now. Will do another posting from Chiang Mai. Fr Ray Foundation has been a real eye opener and a great experience.
Best wishes to you all
Lynne x

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  1. Hi Lynne, It sounds as if you've had another great week. Now for your touristy bit. I think you deserve a bit of a pamper after all the work but it sounds as if it has been all worth while. I am sure you will be back next year! Carol J. xx