Saturday, 6 February 2010

End of Week 2

A very different week this week. The US Marines turned up - well 12 of them - on Tuesday, with boxes of clothes and toys from their base in Japan to distribute to the foundation.They have also turfed the children's village, resurfaced the basketball court at the school for the disabled, and are holding a barbecue at the children's village on Saturday for 200 children and 50 staff, with a two star general in attendance ( apparently I should be impressed by that - am impressed that it's a woman) along with her 6 bodyguards !Toys and clothes were to be distributed to the children at some stage of the proceedings.

Now it would seem that my d - dog, d - duck work didn't come up to scratch, and, having said that I didn't mind what I was asked to do ( BIG mistake), I was deployed to use the database to establish numbers and ages of children attending the barbecue, then go through the boxes of clothes, toys and shoes ( around a hundred of them) and sort out suitable gifts for the marines to distribute to the kids at the barbecue.
Unfortunately this has taken 3 solid days work.Slight problem in that the chaplain overseeing the operation was under the impression that almost  everything was new - he was SO WRONG! A huge case of the 'haves' thinking that any old junk would be welcomed by the 'have nots' - and JUNK it most certainly was.Broken toys, games with pieces missing, badly stained clothing etc. Anyway, long story short, had to unpack many boxes, eventually managed to extricate 180 new toys for the children (no new clothes ) , bought an extra 20 small gifts and great fun was had by all at the barbecue on Saturday.
Also , to add to the fun, I had to go to hospital on Friday morning cos my mossie bites ( and there are lots of them ) were becoming infected. Ended up having an intravenous cortisone jab which effectively knocked me out for a couple of hours- must have been some dose - and now have high dose antihistamine tabs to take at night and some sort of antibiotic cream. Have to go back again on Monday. However had great night's sleep and now feeling much better.
Am now having to rethink what I do with the ten days at the end of my stay in Pattaya. Was going to go south for a few days relaxation and snorkelling on one of the islands, but have been told that mossies are even more prevalent down there, so may just stay here a while longer and have five days up north in Chiang Mai.


  1. Wow - what a varied life you lead. Mosquitos sound a nightmare. Andrea had an electrical device which zapped the bites and stopped them getting infected. I'll see if I can find out what they're called.
    We've had a chaotic week - we've moved the resource room and PPA room contents into the hall & have removal men set to move Reception, Y1 & Y2 out this week. I'm hoping we get through the week with no lost tempers or major injuries. Am just about ready for Iceland - no of course I don't mean packed! Got access to a PC in hotel so will still be able to follow your adventures. xxx

  2. So sorry about your bites, isn't it strange the way mossies seem to pick on some people and not others? Keep away from stagnant water is good advice, no water under pot plants or in the drain that sort of thing. However, its a bit late for that isn't it. Come home, its going to be freezing here next week - no mossies here.

  3. Backj home after an incredible Confirmation weekend. The best event we,ve experienced, lovely Mass. All the family joined in and Sarah and Wol pulled all stops out all were fascinated by your Tha\i trip and wished you all the best. Sorry to hear about your hospital trip--hope all is well now. More snow here so we may move
    and join you. The blog is working well and we are almost with you lovely pictures. Keep the news up despite the bites!!! Can't wait for our news lunch in the Wilde Green or Plough and Harrow!!

  4. A bit late with the advice but its all the alcholol in the blood that attracts the blighters should have gone on that diet months ago! They always get me too but hardly ever Jeff. Sorting jumble wow! No excuses not to help with the bazaar now! Like everyone else you pics are great. Keep up the good work
    love Carol

  5. Great stories, your just like Mum with the mossies !!!.....I have run into the same problem of receiving dirty used clothing and broken toys here in Mexico..the thought is there by the donator...Shirley

  6. Never mind the mossies Jim and I await the advent of the sick bug that seems to be determined to attack the Thompsons--Joe, Sinead, George, Margaret , Sean and now Laura they are all asking"How are you mom and dad," No doubt we will fight it off!!!!!I would love to have been involved with the marines--but not sorting out the "new clothes". Of course your experience with Save the Children must have helped. More snow here today if only slight, made my trip to Marg's more exciting. Thanks for the "private" E-mail--I'm not quite sure how to do that!!!! We all send lots of love andx hope you manage to keep us filled in