Saturday, 23 January 2010

Venice it ain't

A boat looking very similar to a gondola pulled up at the dock,but the boat had a very noisy motorised engine attached to the back which belched out lots of smoke. getting into it was a tad difficult as it was 3 or 4 feet below the dock level. A mixture of hanging onto the roof covering, stepping onto the old tyres attached to the sides of the dock and a few prayers did the trick as I launched myself into the seat - just lucky I didn't capsize it !

The boat took off into the river hitting the waves with great force. Thought of Janet as my stomach began to churn, good job I'd only had a light breakfast. Five minutes later we turned into the canal system and the boat slowed down.The guide who was on board told us it was just like Venice - presume she meant the canal system! 

Certainly not the architecture. A really strange mixture of semi derelict housing, ornate temples and newer homes that must have cost a small fortune.It certainly made for good photo opportunities. We meandered along for an hour and endured a very heavy rainstorm.
Unfortunately, it takes forever and a day to upload pics, so will just post a few to give you some flavour of the experience.


  1. Satellite dish blends in well in top photo! Keep them coming Lynne.

  2. Hi Lynne, Great photos. Now down to earth Blues beat everton 2-1. They have now drawn Derby in the next round and luckily avoided the Villa who have drawn Wolves or Palace. Hope your diet is going well.

  3. Great pic - sets the scene beautifully. Yep - I'd really love the whole boat experience. :(