Thursday, 21 January 2010

First full day in Thailand

Had a great day today, exploring Bangkok from hop on, hop off river boat. Spent a lot of time at Wat Pho monastery - a plethora of buddhas.(Help me out Cal - can only load one photo per posting) A very calm place which also houses a Thai massage school. So, for 4 quid you too can ache all over - hoping to reap the benefits tomorrow. Met up with Stuart, my nephew, tonight and enjoyed a meal in an Italian restaurant - his choice - where I enjoyed a great Greek salad.
Off to expolore the canals of Bangkok tomorrow, which should give a real insight into how many people in Bangkok live.
Now can't wait until I can get started at the children's home - travel down to Pattaya on Sunday. I have, of course, packed far too much stuff, so may be ditching some of it before I leave the hotel.


  1. Seems like you're having a good time already!
    I hope to start you're decorating very soon :-)

  2. Wait...Italian eatery and a Greek salad? Best to Stuart.

  3. Lynne. go to "layout" and then "add gadget" to upload pics...can't wait to see more.
    Any good Thai food yet? cal